About Estates IT Theme

About Estates IT Theme

Everything is more fun and lively with pictures and video, even an About Us page. It is so simple now to incorporate both of them on your website that it is silly to not have them on your About Us page. At GoBeyond SEO, we need to step things up in this department too. We have a picture on our About Us page, but it's not exactly as good as it should be. Here are a few ways we are considering changing the page. If you have told your story well and used a conversational tone on your About Us Page, deciding what pictures or video to put on the page should be relatively easy.


They should add to the experience of reading the text. On most About Us pages, examples of good pictures will be shots of the staff, headshots (maybe even the same ones you use on social media) of the major players, or pictures of the office or storefront (old pictures that show the business has longevity are even better). If your business has a mascot or if you sponsor local organizations, this is a great place to recognize it through pictures. Online video has become more prolific over the last 2-3 years since it has become so easy to implement on your site and almost everyone has broadband access to the internet.


A video introduction from the owner shot with an iPhone is fine to put up on your About Us page. Don't let perfection be the enemy of the good. But if you can afford a professional video production and you think it will enhance the effectiveness of your About Us page, go for it. Either way, a video on your About Us page will bring your prospects closer to doing business with you. Once you see someone on video and hear their voice, you start to feel like you know them a little and this helps you establish that know, like and trust factor with prospective customers. Pictures and video make the users' experience much more intimate on your site. This intimacy makes you more memorable and if they connect with your business, they are the right customer for you and they will do more to get to know your company. You can't really ask for more from an About Us page.


Letting Fee Information

The asking rent does not include letting fees. Our standard administration fee (which covers general administration and preparation of paperwork) is £xxx (£xxx+VAT). A security deposit, usually equivalent to six weeks rent, is also payable.

Depending on your circumstances and the property you select, one or more of the following may also be charged to you upfront;

Fees may be charged on a per person or per property basis, please call us on 020 8859 17XX